iPhone Lavalier & Lapel Microphone Comparison

Some of my most popular videos on YouTube are my old microphone comparison videos. I thought I’d revisit this topic in light of my Professional iPhone Videos course that’s now available. 

I’ve said many times that my number tip for better iPhone video is to use an external mic. But you might be asking yourself, “which one should I get?"

In this video I compare 5 different types of microphone setups so you can hear the difference.

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Create private sales videos

I've had incredible success with a special kind of video: a private sales video.

I know what you're thinking. You're thinking just what the heck is a private sales video. For my definition, a private sales video is a private video to an individual or a small group of people that speaks directly to them, speaks directly to their needs, and it's not intended for anyone else.

There are 2 characteristics in my opinion: Immediacy and Intimacy.

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Scott Skibell