Create private sales videos

I've had incredible success with a special kind of video: a private sales video.

I know what you're thinking. You're thinking just what the heck is a private sales video. For my definition, a private sales video is a private video to an individual or a small group of people that speaks directly to them, speaks directly to their needs, and it's not intended for anyone else.

There are 2 characteristics in my opinion: Immediacy and Intimacy.


Immediacy refers to the fact that it's right away. I've done these types of videos after meeting someone at a networking event for example. I've also done these after a sales meeting. Often I just use my iPhone to shoot a quick video from the car, a coffee shop or even a building lobby. I'm also fortunate that I have my home office pre-configured and a FCPX project ready to go.

The key here is that I get to share additional ideas with my contact. They realize right away, that I'm fully engaged. And I'm able to share my most creative ideas with them. It's so much more effective than a email that doesn't convey the same sense of emotion.


Intimacy refers to the fact that these videos are personal. I use the person's name, I reference things we spoke about. They know this video is just to them and only them. These aren't intended for wide viewership. I upload these to YouTube as unlisted videos so nobody else can see them.


I've had incredible results with this approach. That's because people are simply blown away by having a custom video that speaks directly to them about their needs. They see me in a whole new light.

So when I say I've had videos with 1 view that have led to thousands of dollars in sales, this is how I'm doing it.

I'd encourage you to give it a try. And let me know your results too.

Scott Skibell