How-to Accelerate Your Video Editing

If you’re using video in your content marketing, you already know, editing all your videos, can be a bitch. But, if you create video templates, the process is so much easier and you’ll breeze thru your editing. This means, you can create a video on just about ANY topic you’re thinking about, and quickly get it to your audience.

You see, it’s just like in PowerPoint or Keynote when we create a new presentation. The entire look and feel is pre-determined. The title slide, bullet slides, image placeholders, the fonts, colors, and logos are all pre-populated. All we have to do is start filling in the text right?

And to accelerate your video production, you need to do the exact same thing. Let me show you what I mean.

Now you want to keep your tools simple. To shoot your videos, you don’t need fancy equipment; you can just use a smartphone – I’ve got a whole course on that. But for editing, you can use simple tools here too. Use screencasting tools like Camtasia (PC), or Screenflow (Mac).

Now your editing software is a little different than Keynote or PowerPoint. But the concept is the same – you have to create your OWN template. This means gathering all of your video assets together into a single project file. This includes things like your company logo for a watermark, any sound effects or music or, for an intro, perhaps a video stinger for the opening or close.

You also want to set everything up for your text effects. When I say text effects, I’m referring to the lower-third where you place your name or text callouts to compliment your delivery. You want these to match your corporate identity so your videos all have a common look and feel. This means having prebuilt elements for text callouts including your fonts, your colors, and your shapes. Now you can just duplicate these elements, change the text, and you’re good to go.

Once you have this template created, bring in your video. Trim the beginning when you were first getting started. Trim the end of the video so people don’t see you turning the camera off. And then, cut out any mistakes. Overlay your graphics and underlay any music you may want to include.

You can then do a Save As to duplicate the master template with a new name OR render your video and then delete the video you shot while keeping all the template elements.

Setting up your video template in advance, with all your standard elements, will save you a ton of time. You’ll find it so much easier to create your video content for sales & marketing, training, or just plain old communications. You’ll actually get to the point where it’s fun!

If you want to learn more about my video process you ought to check out this video on my site where I go into much greater detail. Or if you have questions and need a little help, just reach out to me, I’m always glad to help. Thanks for watching.

Scott Skibell