How to appear more natural on camera when you feel anything but

Think you're the only one who feels uncomfortable on video?

Trust me, you're not. 

I work with a lot of trainers, consultants, freelancers, and authors. When we talk about doing videos, you can literally see them start to get uncomfortable. They squirm. They sweat. 

Oh, and did I mention the day we're recording?

I've worked with professional speakers that can command a room of thousands, literally freeze, in front of the camera. It's like the camera is kryptonite to their super powers. Behind the camera, I've played famous actors, boyfriends, and their children so they relax during their delivery.

I bet you've thought about it too. Be honest now.

And that's okay. You see, it's not natural for us to be in front of the camera. It's hard. I know the good ones make it look easy. But for the rest of us, c'mon now.

When I work with my clients, and when I record my own videos, I try to follow this simple acronym: S.M.I.L.E. In a nutshell, it stands for:

  • Smile

  • Message

  • Eyes

  • Likability

  • Energy

If you follow this approach, you will feel more natural on camera, you'll look more natural on camera, and you'll be more effective to your viewers on camera.  

VideoScott Skibell