How to increase video retention in training videos


We have a lot of great content in our videos. But sometimes there’s so much, people can’t recall all of it–let alone act on all of it.

So what are some strategies we can employ to help people remember more of our video content?

Well, obviously, storytelling is probably the most basic of all ideas. That’s because story ads context to the concepts and makes it real. I admit, that’s an area of improvement for me and I’m going to focus an entire video on storytelling alone in the future.

But here are 2 other quick ways you increase the retention of your videos.

Job Aids

On my longer training videos, there’s often several different concepts. That’s because clients are trying to get so much into them.

I mean think about new employee orientation. Even with chunking, there’s a lot of content to cover.

So what I like to do is, I create a single-page job aid for each video. This summarizes the key points of the video and takes the passiveness of watching a a video, and makes it more tangible.

It doesn’t have to cover everything–it’s a supplement to the video. But it’s designed to help them recall the stories and perhaps key procedures.

I do this for clients and even for some of my own videos like my rapid training video production process.

This is also useful with podcasts too. For example, after listening to a podcast for 30-minutes on the drive into the office, it’s nice to have a cheat sheet with the key points & resources to refer back to.

Reflective Questions

A second strategy is to incorporate reflective questions into the presentation to help your viewer internalize, and visualize acting on, your ideas.

This is so different from testing people. I mean first of all, adults don’t like to be tested.

But second, this isn’t about a right or wrong answer. This is about getting your viewer to think about how they will apply your ideas.

I know training purists hate this because they can’t quantify a score, But whatever happened to critical thinking?

So on your next video, where can you interject some questions? Where can you have the viewer pause the video, and go do something? Or, how might you combine this with the written job aid, and say on the back of it, strategize about implementing your ideas?

See what I just did here?


There are definitely other ways to increase video retention. But I’ve found job aids and reflective questioning, to both be very effective techniques.

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Thanks for watching.