Announcing New Video Presentations Course

You want to spread your ideas. You want to reach & teach more people. You want to grow your business. You’re seeing everyone leverage video but you don’t know where to begin and you’re not sure if you can really do it. I know you can.

My new program is designed for consultants, speakers, trainers, and salespeople. I'll show you everything you need to create your own professional, custom videos. Videos that reach more, teach more, and sell more.

You see, web video isn’t about perfection. It’s about connection.

Learn more about creating  Video Presentations

Learn more about creating Video Presentations

Over the last 8-years, I’ve been creating video presentations for small businesses all the way up to Fortune 500 companies. But even before then, I’ve always been looking for new ways to communicate and more importantly, how to communicate more effectively. I’ve looked at the technology and said to myself, “How can I use that to help me grow my business?” I bet you have too.

I finally figured it out and that’s why I’ve distilled my entire video process down to this program. You see, the technology has caught up. Now we can create and distribute online videos that spread our message, reach thousands of people, and leverage our time.

You're going to walk away with three things by taking this course:

  1. A thorough understanding of what videos you need to create and why they're effective. You’ll have a roadmap of what you need to create.

  2. Then, I’ll go over everything you need to effortlessly deliver your message. I even share with you the PowerPoint & Keynote templates I use to quickly build my presentations.

  3. Finally, I’ll show you how I assemble and edit my videos by combining our presentation slides, b-roll video, and delivery into a seamless presentation. I even share the templates with pre-built animations that I use for editing in Camtasia, Screenflow, and Final Cut Pro X so you can get up and running right away.

You will leave this course knowing exactly how to produce video presentations so you can reach more, teach more, and sell more. And I’ll be there the entire time to answer questions along the way.

Let me share with you exactly what’s in this program. It’s broken down into the following sections:

I could easily re-hash video statistics but instead, I focus on why videos are effective from a psychological point of view. I share with you the scientific rules of influence so your videos are more effective.

I’ll share 10 types of videos that everybody can use including my favorite type of video that has had a profound effect on my business. Using this one type of video will no doubt increase your sales.

I’ll cover all of the different types of equipment that you might want to consider. Things like cameras, tripods, lights, and microphones. I even share with you the single most important piece of equipment that I purchased that really turned my videos around. And because I know sometimes staying on message can be so difficult, I included additional tools like Teleprompters and Chromakey's.

This is the meat of the course. In this module I go over the following how-to's:

  • How to you plan your videos so you know exactly what to cover

  • How to script your videos so your message is precise

  • How to storyboard your videos with the included PowerPoint & Keynote templates so you can rapidly assemble any video

  • How to effortlessly deliver your message with poise and confidence so you connect with your viewer

  • How to shoot your video so they have the polished and professional look to them

  • How to use chromakey so you don't have to worry about shlepping equipment around and recording in public

  • How to shoot b-roll video to liven up your videos with a simple five-step process

  • How to edit your videos in Camtasia, Screenflow, or Final Cut Pro including the exact templates I use

And finally, I go over where to share your videos with the different platforms including seven tips to get the best exposure on YouTube and improve your video's SEO.

So there you have it. If you're a consultant, speaker, trainer, or salesperson, you know videos are essential to growing your business. I'll show you everything you need to create your own training videos, marketing videos, and presentations. More importantly, I’m there for you to help answer questions along the way. Think of me as your video consultant. And of course there’s a 30-day, unconditional, money back guarantee if you’re not the least bit satisfied.

Remember, web video isn’t about perfection. It’s about connection. I’ll help you make your own videos so you can reach more, teach more, and sell more. I can’t wait to see you inside.

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