Where to host your LinkedIn videos – and one place not to


One of the most popular ways to host your LInkedIn video is detrimental to your brand. Here, let me explain by going over 3 ways you can host your LinkedIn videos.


YouTube appears to be the default choice for just about everyone. But it shouldn’t be. Here’s why.

First, YouTube places ads over your videos. And did you know your competitors can buy these ads against your videos? The pop-up ads are annoying enough. But if your video gets popular, YouTube can even place a pre-roll ad before it plays.

But hey, that’s the cost of free, right?

Second, recommended videos at the end of your video–is that really the call-to-action you want?

YouTube makes more money if people click on the those videos at the end and jump over to YouTube to watch more videos. Is that what you want them to do? Heck, no. You should drive them back to your site, your email list, or download offer. Why should you be driving traffic to YouTube?

Third, unless you have a verified account, in good standing, you don’t get to pick your thumbnail image. Guys, this is part of your brand. Your thumbnail attracts viewers and represents you. You don’t want the 3 crappy choices YouTube provides, do you?

Now let me be clear, I’m NOT saying don’t post your videos to YouTube. You actually should for SEO purposes. I’m just saying YouTube shouldn’t be your primary distribution engine and the one you use to embed into your LinkedIn posts.

What should be? Lets take a look at our 2nd option.


Vimeo offers professional grade hosting at an affordable price. There’s the 60/yr Plus plan and a 199/yr Pro plan. There are some slight differences between them but they both offer 3 key advantages to you. 

First, there are NO ads on your videos. No pop-ups, pre-rolls, or recommended videos at the end. You’re doing business videos and no body advertises on top of YOUR video on Vimeo.

Second, and this is HUGE, you have the ability to replace a video and have it automatically update everywhere it’s embedded. I can’t emphasis this enough.

For example, if you have a video and something changes, say a price, a feature, or just a special offer on it, you can swap out the video on Vimeo and it will automatically update everywhere it’s embedded. This means your Pulse updates, your website, your e-learning, all automatically get updated with the latest video. 

This means your customers always get the latest video with the latest offer.

And third, you get to choose your own thumbnail image AND your own call-to-action at the end of your videos.

I recommend Vimeo to most of my clients and don’t worry, there aren’t any affiliate links here or commissions paid to me–this is just free advice.


And finally, the third choice you may want to consider is Wistia, and that’s what I’m using here. 

It doesn’t have ads, allows you to replace your videos and thumbnails but offers deeper analytics on who’s watching your videos. It also offers some advanced video marketing tools like email capture too. 

Now I will say it’s more expensive than Vimeo. The 2 primary plans  are 25 or 100 dollars per month depending upon the feature set you need. But if you’re going to do a lot of videos, and you need advanced analytics, it maybe something to consider.


To wrap this up though, If you’re serious about doing videos, you need to get serious about where you host them. I just don’t believe YouTube offers the professionalism to represent your brand. 

I hope I didn’t offend anyone. That’s not my intent. I just want your videos to work for you.

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Thanks for watching.