Stock Resources


When I assemble my videos, I combine lots of different media types together. I use still images, some video b-roll, and sometimes even some audio soundtracks. I’m also alway on the lookout for new and innovative PowerPoint & Keynote themes. Here’s an evergreen list of resources I find useful.

Stock Image Resources

I use stock images in all my Keynote presentations. Since so many of my videos include talking heads, I like to bring in vivid imagery to liven it up and really punctuate my points. As you’ve seen in my videos, I usually add some text to accompany and reinforce my narrative. Here’s a list of some of my favorite stock image resources.

Deposit Photo’s
Subscription plan pricing is as low as $.15 per image. Or you can buy images with a credit plan at $.90 apiece. This is the service I use almost exclusively. 

Big Stock Photo’s
Subscription plans starting at about $.53 per image. You can download b-roll video at $89 per month for up to 150 videos.

I used to use Dreamstime all the time but then their prices got a little too high.

iStock Photo
I think they have some awesome images. Unfortunately, their price is quite high.

This is the site I used for the free images you see here on SkillCasting. They have a great selection.

This is a search engine for FREE images.

Canva has some free images as well. You’ll see them in the designer section below too.

This is another free resource for images. 

Stock Video Resources

Finding good b-roll video footage is difficult. Okay, let me back up. Finding good, affordable, b-roll footage is most difficult. It’s always a good idea to capture your own b-roll footage when you’re shooting your subjects. But for those times when you can’t get it yourself, here are some resources you may want to consider.

$99 for a years worth of unlimited downloads. I subscribe and use this service the most. You can also purchase premium videos for $49 too.

High quality videos but they’re expensive at a per video price.

They have some quality footage too.


Audio & Soundtrack Resources

I don’t use audio soundtracks in all my productions. I do think it adds a professional touch though. I think this is more a personal preference. The key is to keep the volume low enough so that it doesn’t distract from your primary audio track though. Here are some sources I’ve used in the past.

Audio Jungle

Vimeo Music Store
Animoto Pro has 2000 commercial songs

Has over 100,000 music, sound effects, and looped music. It runs $99 but have specials for $49 around Thanksgiving & Christmas.

PowerPoint & Keynote Themes

You’ve probably noticed my videos use a pretty simple black theme. Some might say boring 😉 They key for me is that it has to be easy to read on a mobile device. That’s why I created my own. So many of the themes I’m seeing these days have small, thin, fonts. Don’t get me wrong. I think they look gorgeous. They just aren’t practical for my mobile video needs. Your mileage may vary though. Here are some sites where you can find new presentation themes.

Graphic River
I think they have some of the nicest themes available. These are constantly being updated and new ones appear every week. It’s definitely worth checking out. Just make sure the designs suit your needs. Here’s a list of PowerPoint themes from them too.

Creative Market
I have several themes from them and you can often buy their bundles for a really good price.

Design Tools

I suck at design. I just don’t have an eye for it. Fortunately nowadays, there are some tools that make designing ads, social media posts, infographics, and even presentation templates, much easier. Here are some of the top ones.

I've had subscriptions off and on with Canva depending upon my needs. I like their drag & drop interface. And for just $12/mo., it’s a pretty good deal.

I’ve had subscriptions with them as well. They’re great for infographics and have some pretty cool interactive charting elements too.